About The Novel Fox

The Novel Fox is an independent, digital first publishing company founded in 2014. The Novel Fox collaborates with talented authors to produce, publish and market high-quality, entertaining original fiction in various genres and lengths. The Novel Fox was formed to help authors take advantage of exciting new opportunities in the publishing market. The increased prevalence of digital forms of production and distribution enable small, independent publishers like The Novel Fox to compete with larger and more established traditional publishers. By beginning publication in a digital medium, The Novel Fox is able to heavily invest in what truly matters—the story itself. The Novel Fox believes that this focus benefits it, the author and, most importantly, the reader.

The Novel Fox publishes under three imprints, each with a unique focus. The Novel Fox FIRSTS publishes new, never before published novels in various genres. The Novel Fox DISCOVERIES publishes new editions of novels that have previously been traditionally or self-published. The Novel Fox SHORTS publishes short fiction, from short stories through novellas, on either a stand-alone basis or as part of an anthology.

If you would like a review copy of a book, are interested in interviewing an author or have any questions about The Novel Fox, please contact inquiries@thenovelfox.com.