The Novel Fox FIRSTS is currently closed for submissions and will not reopen until later this year. For updates, please check the blog or follow on Facebook or Twitter.


Publishing with The Novel Fox FIRSTS

The Novel Fox FIRSTS is seeking talented authors who desire a publisher that takes an active role in all aspects of the book selling process, including helping the author refine the story, producing a polished and professional finished book, and aggressively marketing the book pre- and post-publication. The Novel Fox FIRSTS is currently considering never before published novels targeted at young adults through adults in the following genres: fantasy, military/espionage, and science fiction.

The Novel Fox FIRSTS pays advances starting at $1,000, typically with 10% of the advance payable upon execution of the publishing contract. Royalties for works published under The Novel Fox FIRSTS are paid quarterly one month in arrears, and are generally 30% of The Novel Fox’s gross receipts for digital book sales and 20% of gross receipts for physical book sales. The Novel Fox requires an exclusive license, the scope and terms of which will vary.

If you are an author or agent interested in having a novel considered by The Novel Fox FIRSTS, please closely review the below information and instructions on sending in a submission.


Submitting to The Novel Fox FIRSTS

The Novel Fox FIRSTS only accepts submissions by electronic mail, directed to The Novel Fox FIRSTS will only consider submissions for which the author has a completed manuscript. We do not consider works in progress or accept hard copy submissions.

For submissions to The Novel Fox FIRSTS, the subject of the email should include “FIRSTS SUBMISSION:” followed by the novel’s working title. The body of the email should provide a brief introduction, the author’s name and contact information (and, if represented by an agent, the agent’s name and contact information), a one to two sentence synopsis of the novel, the genre, the word count of the full manuscript, and any questions for The Novel Fox. The email should also include the following, attached as either one or two PDF or word document attachments: (i) a walkthrough of the novel’s plot that is no longer than 3 pages in length and specifically describes the events of the novel; and (ii) the first 10 pages of the manuscript, double-spaced using Times New Roman, size 12 font.

In the event The Novel Fox would like to further pursue the submission, the full manuscript will be requested.