Q. Your life’s work seems to be centered on books. In the past you've taught English and worked as a librarian, but when did you become a writer?

A. I’ve been writing since I was a small child. My mother was an avid reader who started bringing me to the library with her when I was little. She would take out books regularly and I would get to choose ones I would like to read as well. Of course, when I was very young, she would read to me. Reading spurred my imagination and made me want to make up my own stories. By 4th grade, I was writing short stories. I surprised my teacher who insisted I must have copied them because they were too mature for a child to have written. I actually felt rather hurt by the comment at the time.


Q. Of the books you've published, are there any that stand out to you as the author?

A. I love all the books I’ve written, even some that are not as yet published. I put a great deal of hard work and love into each of them. Death Legacy is my romantic suspense mystery spy thriller and is a unique stand-alone. But each of my novels is unique. Even with my Kim Reynolds mystery series, each novel stands as an independent book. The Bad Wife is the culmination of the series.


Q. Were there any that were especially difficult to write?

A. I can’t say that any novel has been more difficult to write than the others. Although I write both historical and contemporary fiction, each novel demands research for the sake of authenticity.


Q. Could you tell us about your writing process?

A. I try to write every single day. I am most productive early in the morning and generally won’t stop for breakfast until I’ve worked several hours. I took an early retirement so that I would have time to write full-time.

Late morning and early afternoon are devoted to family and chores. I also make certain to take several walks each day which sharpens my mind. I work a few more hours after dinner at my computer each evening.


Q. What drew you to the espionage and romance genres? 

A. As a student and then an English teacher and eventually a librarian, I was always reading and teaching great literature. Later, I started reading for enjoyment. I found so many wonderful romance and mystery writers. I got hooked on those genres. I now write the kind of fiction I love as a reader.


Q. Was there something that inspired you to write Death Legacy?

A. I was intrigued by an actual spy case and researched it thoroughly. It concerned the high tech theft of American secrets. Of course, the main characters in the novel are fictional. But I do tend to merge fact and fiction in my novels.


Q. Did you have to research or travel for more information?

A. I know New York City and Washington D.C. very well, but I still did research for details in the novel. As to information, I researched quite a lot, for instance, about weapons. Spying is high tech these days and so is the weaponry.


Q. Can you give us the author’s insight on Michelle’s character?

A. Michelle appears cool, aloof and sophisticated. She’s tough but also tender.

She cares about helping people. She was trained by an uncle who was a professional and ran an unusual “consulting” firm, part of the book’s mystery. She’s the opposite of Daniel who appears to be an open book--good-natured, easy-going and warm.


Q. If you had to choose an actor to play Daniel who would he be? You know, just to give us an idea of just how handsome he is!

A. Is there a young George Clooney out there? The perfect actor would be good-looking in a dark, charming, witty way. Definitely not too full of himself and wouldn’t take life too seriously.


Q. Are there any writers that you particularly look up to as an author?

A. You ask some difficult questions! There are so many talented writers it’s hard to pick just a few. For current romantic suspense writers I’m very fond of Jayne Ann Krentz and Nora Roberts. I love John Grisham for crime fiction. But there are so many others and new people on the horizon all the time. For classic romance, no one is better than Jane Austen. I’ve read all of her novels but loved Pride and Prejudice most of all. My own Regency romance Tea Leaves and Tarot Cards is kind of a tribute to her.


Q. What book are you reading now?

A. I finished reading Barbara Graham’s Murder by Sunlight yesterday. It’s part of her quilting mystery series. I enjoyed it very much. Before that I read Ghost Ship a thriller by Clive Cussler. I like reading a variety of books.


Where They Write

Where They Write


Seewald's novel, Death Legacy is currently available for pre-order and releases October 27, 2014. More information, including e-bookstore links and sample chapters, can be found here...