The Novel Fox is excited to announce the launch of its three imprints: FIRSTS, DISCOVERIES, and SHORTS.  While the imprints share certain commonalities, each imprint has a unique focus and mission.

The Novel Fox FIRSTS focuses on never before published novel-length fiction. FIRSTS is the most traditional of the imprints, and intends to publish approximately six books each year, spread evenly throughout the year.

The Novel Fox DISCOVERIES focuses on novel-length fiction that has previously been traditionally or self-published. Importantly, DISCOVERIES seeks to provide more than a mere repackaging of previously published fiction, but rather a second chance for books that may not have received the editorial or marketing attention they deserved in connection with their initial publication. DISCOVERIES intends to publish approximately twelve books each year, spread evenly throughout the year.

The Novel Fox SHORTS focuses of short fiction that varies in length from short stories through novellas.  SHORTS seeks to contribute to the returning market for short fiction, which has benefited tremendously from the growth in digital publication.  SHORTS hopes to provide a launching point for new authors, and intends to publish a mix of stand-alone novellas, anthologies and collections throughout the year.

The Novel Fox is currently reviewing submissions that fall under each of the above imprints, and is looking forward to future announcements regarding upcoming FIRSTS, DISCOVERIES, and SHORTS releases.