One year ago we set out to create a small publishing company. That company became The Novel Fox, and building it over the past year has been a great experience--at times difficult, and with its share of growing pains, but great nonetheless. In general, I think we have all become addicted to foxes over the past year as a result; from buying our kids fox patterned clothing to wearing our fox masks in meetings.

When we opened for submissions last year, we were overwhelmed by the response! We had a blast reading through all the great stories. Thank you authors for sharing your work with us!
We published a DISCOVERIES novel, Death Legacy by Jacqueline Seewald, a SHORTS novella, Aztec Midnight by M.C. Tuggle, a SHORTS anthology featuring numerous talented authors, and have a FIRSTS novel underway with A.E. Stueve. We have worked hard to compliment each author’s creativity and hard work through original, creative cover art, marketing images, and ebook design.  Thank you for following and supporting us throughout this process!

In the next year, we are excited to continue growing our young company and exploring new ideas in publishing and marketing. We can’t wait to see what new, great fiction we’ll be privileged to publish!

Amanda, Administrator